Kyte, Jon Amund
Head of Department of Early Cancer Trials and Research Support
email: jonky@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935046
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Brunsvig, Paal Fr.
Head of Clinical Cancer Research Unit
email: pfb@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22934739

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Abdi, Ismail
Site project manager 
email: ismabd@ous-hf.no 
phone: +47 23027852

Katinka Bell

Bell, Katinka
Study nurse
email: beq@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935212

Bjønnes, Maria
Study nurse
email: uxsmfn@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 99532628




Bringsli, Solveig
Site project manager
email: solbri@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935177



Bråthen, Siri
Site project manager
email: sibraa@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935173


Dahlen, Gunn-Elisabet
Study nurse
email: uxdahg@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935138


Dueland, Svein
email: svedue@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935789

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Signe Ø. Fretland

Fretland, Signe Øien
Site project manager 
email: sigfre@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22934714

Carin L. Granlund

Granlund, Carin van der Lelie
Site project manager 
email: carvan@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935881

Guren, Tormod
email: uxtour@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935175

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Kirsten Thorin Hagene

Hagene, Kirsten Thorin
Head of Clinical Research Office
email: kihage@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935411

Kjersti Holmsen

Holmsen, Kjersti
Study nurse
email: kjeho@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935201

Hege Aker Isaksen

Isaksen, Hege Aker
Study nurse
email: hegis@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935157


Johnsrud, Tine
Site project manager 
email: johtin2@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935179


Kristin B. Nauste Nauste, Kristin Byrkjeland
Study nurse
email: kbs@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22934821
Nyakas, Marta
email: marnya@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935848

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Charlotte Nygård

Nygård, Charlotte
Clinical research assistant
email: chanyg@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935172

Ellen Støver

Støver, Ellen
Study nurse
email: estoev@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22934730

Ingunn Sve Sve, Ingun Flatland
Study nurse
email: ifv@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22935068

Zribi, Amani
email: amazri@ous-hf.no
phone: +47 22934809